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Our innovative teaching methods makes your experiences unique at GLUK.

We give you:
Teaching by real experts, whose passion and enthusiasm you will find infectious.

Flexible modes of training and interdisciplinary learning, our courses are offered either in the evenings, over the weekends or on full time basis. There’s cross pollination of skills and knowledge

Courses that give you a greater understanding,  of what it means to be a responsible individual in any contemporary setting - courses that reflect the needs of industry and business to ensure you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to flourish within your chosen career.

Fantastic facilities, including our library, E-Center, as well as, interactive sessions with staff and other students – so you can organise your study.

Courses that reflect the needs of industry and business to ensure you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to flourish within your chosen career.Quality assurance: The most recent institutional audit of the University by the Commission for Higher Education June 2016, where Bachelor of science of Clinical Medicine, Surgery and community health was inspected. Prior to this inpection, in May 2016, Bachelor of Science in Nursing was carried out. This audit reviews the processes we have in place to manage the quality of our degree programmes and the standard of our awards. The audit findings demonstrated the best possible outcome and is particularly pleasing as it demonstrates high academic standards and levels for student achievement.

Our programs are organized into three faculties and a school, that is,

  1. School of Nursing and Midwifery
  2. Faculty of Health Sciences
  3. Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Our Location

Our Contacts

  • P.O Box 2224 - 40100 Kisumu - Kenya
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • 0736 - 550505