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The Center for Career Placement and Alumni (CCPA) provides students with many opportunities for career preparation and employment. Through the Career Planning and Placement Section, the Center involves GLUK students in career preparation from the time they enter the University and assists them in making informed career choices to achieve career and life goals. Student participation in CCPA programs and events enable them to gain the needed employability skills expected by employers.

Furthermore, the CCPA connects colleges, students and employers to create a powerful work-based internship for the learner and to provide job opportunities for GLUK fresh graduates and alumni. By cultivating multi-faceted partnerships and networks, CCPA is committed to providing the needed resources for students to explore diverse career opportunities; and is dedicated to assisting partner employers in employing the highest caliber graduates.

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  • P.O Box 2224 - 40100 Kisumu - Kenya
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  • 0736 - 550505