Research, Innovation and Collaboration

The University is committed to fostering innovative interdisciplinary
research, innovation and collaborations, and has made significant
progress in recent years of advancing this agenda through the
development of new and external research partnerships in health and
agricultural sector. GLUK has made tremendous progress in Research
and collaboration with the Kenyan government, international
organizations and institutions making outstanding contributions
towards Health and Agricultural sector in innovation and policy
Some of our Active Research, Innovation and Collaboration include;

  • An Erasmus project that aims to boost aquaculture education and
    capacity building in Kenya, focusing on sustainable practices and
    food security. Recently a team from UiT visited Kenya.
  • AQUADEVBUS brings together two Kenyan universities (Great Lakes
    University of Kisumu and Rongo University), a Kenyan research
    institution (Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute), and three
    Scandinavian partners (UiT, Turku University of Applied Sciences and
    Peimarin Koulutuskuntayhtyma – Livia- in Finland). The project is
    funded by the Erasmus + programme ERASMUS-EDU-2023-CBHE
    (Capacity building in the field of higher education), has a total
    budget of 0.8 million EURO and will run for three years (2023-2026).
  • A training on Conscious Discipline,The training is precursor to a
    robust program targeting households to help manage the negative
    mental health indicators among children.Conscious Discipline is an
    adult-first technique that addresses adult self-regulation and skill
    sets, first to empower adults to model, teach and live the skills and
    ideals they would want their children to acquire.